Subconscious mind


Subconscious Mind is a coaching program designed to change your core beliefs for the better and to abandon the bad ones. If you want to change a mindset, reach a specific goal, or change your perception of life and yourself – this coaching is for you! 


• You who feel lost and want to change something about yourself

• You who have doubts about your potential

• You who want to create an inspiring vision for yourself  and reach it

• You who wish to become the person you have always wanted to be


The process for this coaching is the following: 

1. Understanding The Mind

You will learn what the mind really is and how your beliefs and results are determined by how your mind works. You will have a new image in your mind whenever you act a certain way and truly understand why you do what you do. By having a deep understanding you will be ready to know how to start changing and growing the mind. You will also learn about the different laws in this universe controlling you and how you can either choose to work in harmony or against in effort.

You will understand what the subconscious mind is and you will feel confident enough to know how to program it.

2. Knowing Your Beliefs

When you have developed an understanding of your own mind it is time to start understanding your own beliefs – how they were placed and how they control your life. This is the stage where you gain awareness of your own subconscious paradigms, and you will use different techniques to see the illusions of them. 

You will know what your success barriers are in life and what your life will look like if you go down your current path. You will know what to change within to move forward. 

3. Knowing Your Desires & Vision

The most exciting stage of all is when you actually see the contrast between the life you have with your current routines and the life you truly want along with your desire for it. By truly feeling your desire you will expand this great force to leave the old behind and see a positive vision for yourself. While growing your desire you will also grow your motivation and dismiss the doubts within.

You will gain a strong desire for your goals and vision, and also start to think in the best possible scenario. Your vision will be stronger than your fears.

4. Programming The Subconscious

The most practical part of this coaching is where you will start using your knowledge to your advantage. You will receive techniques to program your mind and you will create a routine set to move you towards your greatest vision. With all the understanding, positive beliefs, techniques and routines you will have created the foundation for you to start your new life.

You will be equipped with the right mindset, routines, and faith for you to work in harmony with the universal laws and attract your wanted outcomes into your life.


After each coaching session, you will receive assignments to do. For every session you will receive valuable information, concepts, techniques, routines, theories and facts to help guide you into the direction you want to go. This coaching is very personal and is designed to make you feel confident in Your life. 

After signing up for this coaching, you will receive a confirmation letter explaining in detail how you sign up for your schedule. This is weekly coaching, once a week, 5 times in total. You decide the day you wish to get coached as well as the time. 

Remember this coaching is about your life-journey, with the purpose of growing your self. See this great investment as the start of your new, desired life. 

And as always,

stay Conscious.

If you are interested in this service or would like to know more about it, make sure you book a free coaching session where we go through the details! You do not sign up for anything yet. Simply e-mail us your: Name, age, and desired (potential) service.

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