Strategy is a coaching program designed to help you understand the principles of strategy and how you can use them in your life for growth. The purpose is to help you create structure in your life and to prepare you for potential pitfalls. If you wish to learn how to plan your life in greater details and to create mental security – this coaching is for you!


• You who want to create structure and plan life in the most efficient way

• You who want to become aware and prepare for potential dangers on your route toward self-actualization


The process for this coaching is the following: 

1. Understanding Strategy

You will learn the different principles of strategy and why it is so crucial for your success in life. You will gain an understanding of decision making and how you make the right decisions in your life based on your purpose or goal. Through a realistic point of view, you will see how growth actually occurs and what you need to keep in mind in order to not lose your drive on your path. 

You will know and feel what strategy is and get the right mindset to prepare you for any possible path you choose to walk.

2. Applying Strategic Principles

When there is an understanding of strategy – what it is and why it is important, you will learn how you apply the strategical principles in reality. By using your own examples you will start to see your potential obstacles and problems from different points of view. After this, you will know exactly how to handle failures, doubts, internal and external obstacles. 


You will be left prepared for any obstacle coming your way and you will know how to strategize your life for your own benefit.

3. Action plans

Once knowing how you use strategy in different situations you will create a proper structure for yourself that you can use and rely on. This stage is called Action Plans since you will create your own plan for your growth in order to reach your goals. With the right routines and the right strategy, you will have a reliable plan that you can follow and create emotional security around.

You will be prepared for your potential obstacles, expect them, and know how to overcome them. Your plan will be unique and a work in progress for yourself. 


After each coaching session, you will receive assignments to do. For every session you will receive valuable information, concepts, techniques, routines, theories and facts to help guide you into the direction you want to go. This coaching is very personal and is designed to make you feel confident in Your life. 

After signing up for this coaching, you will receive a confirmation letter explaining in detail how you sign up for your schedule. This is weekly coaching, once a week, 5 times in total. You decide the day you wish to get coached as well as the time. 

Remember this coaching is about your life-journey, with the purpose of growing your self. See this great investment as the start of your new, desired life. 

And as always,

stay Conscious.