To live a life of full autonomy and achieve your desired results, you must learn how to strategise your everyday life for the benefit of your growth. There are many strategic blunders a lot of people make

and there are many different mindsets one could have towards growth. The ones who learn to master strategy within their business life, their relationships, their career, their well-being, or any other aspect,

are the ones who are never in reaction towards outcomes. They are thriving in their life and are masters of their results.


You can learn to be a master. Like a general on a battlefield you will learn the most important principles when it comes to creating a strategic plan that will move and prepare you on your path. In this manual

you will be taught what strategy really is and how you can use it to your benefit. You will see examples of how you can learn to extract value from failures and always be thriving within your purpose.

This is a field you have to study in depth, and this manual will give you the right tools to UNDERSTAND and USE this great concept of strategy.



This book is a part of "The Manual" which explains the entire process of discovering your life purpose, conquering your fears, re-programming your subconscious mind, strategising your path, and finding motivation.

If you wish to dive deeper into this full journey, be sure to check out "The Manual" or any of the other manuals on the different subjects.