The fuel behind any success in life is motivation. What we think motivates us is usually what does not fulfill nor motivate us for the long term. When you understand your psychology and what motiation really is, there will never

be a lack of true motivation within. Waking up every single day with a strong motivation is very rare, and learning how to act even though motivation is not there is even more rare.


What this manual will teach you is how to stay motivated for the long run. It will show you techniques and mindsets you can use to stay motivated within whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish in life.

By knowing how to create a web of motivators for yourself, through your values and your vision, you will have a great advantage in life no matter how you feel and no matter what happens. You deserve to feel joyful

in life and it is your birthright to go through life with purpose and a burning desire that fuels you. If you learn to connect with your lower, neutral and higher self, which you will learn how to, you will

seize every opportunity to act towards your dream with an ideal mindset. Let this manual be the start of a truly motivating life. With great concepts and proven theories in this book,

gain awareness and understand what actually motivates YOU.


This book is a part of "The Manual" which explains the entire process of discovering your life purpose, conquering your fears, re-programming your subconscious mind, strategising your path, and finding motivation.

If you wish to dive deeper into this full journey, be sure to check out "The Manual" or any of the other manuals on the different subjects.



Good luck, and stay conscious.