Fear Battle

Fear Battle


There is only one, simple thing keeping you stuck in life: Fear. It is the hidden obstacle in your mind that you need to harness if you want to reach the success you desire, in any aspect of life. By being able to separate yourself from your fears you will automatically create the necessary distance to not give attention and feed your negative thinking.


What this manual will help you with is to learn exactly how to separate yourself from your greatest fear and re-gain confidence on your path towards your success. With different concepts, exercises and explanations of what

fear really is, you will develop an understanding about what keeps you stuck and how you battle it. This manual is short, to the point and has the purpose of growing you as an individual

so you can move on in life despite your deepest fears.



This book is a part of "The Manual" which explains the entire process of discovering your life purpose, conquering your fears, re-programming your subconscious mind, strategising your path, and finding motivation.

If you wish to dive deeper into this full journey, be sure to check out "The Manual" or any of the other manuals on the different subjects.



Good luck, and stay conscious.