Motivation is the ultimate coaching program designed for the ones seeking motivation in life. Motivation is not what we usually think it is and therefore there are many misconceptions when trying to become motivated to do something. This coaching is designed to make you understand what motivation actually is and how you truly motivate yourself no matter the outside or inside circumstances. If you want to reach peak motivation and become a master at motivating yourself and others – this coaching is for you


• You who feel unmotivated in life and want to to find motivation

• You who want to know how to stay motivated for the long run

• You who want to create a strategy for keeping yourself motivated in any situation

• You who want to truly understand motivation and find your peak


The process for this coaching is the following: 


1. The Illusion Of Motivation

The first stage you will go through is your beliefs about what you think motivation is.

You will learn what motivation actually is and the different contrasts of it. By gaining awareness of real motivation you will feel motivated to discover how you keep that feeling alive.

You will discover the true essence of motivation and why you do not feel motivated to do a certain thing.

2. Discovering Self-Motivation

After having a clear understanding of motivation you will start learning what motivates you. By gaining awareness of your lower, neutral and higher self you will create a web of motivators to help you feel motivated in any state of mind you are in. You will learn how to trick your brain into thinking you are motivated and ultimately create the motivation you need to complete a task. Through exercises, concepts, and facts you will use your psychology to your advantage to stay in momentum.

You will be left with an understanding of how to strategize your own motivation and how to take advantage of your current state of mind.

3. Staying Motivated

Finding motivation for the short term is easy, staying motivated long term is not. Through different principles, you will know when to push your limit and when to slow down. By being conscious of your own mind and body you will learn how to stay motivated in the micro as well as the macro.

Your motivation will be available for you at any time and you will be able to use it as you choose, in different variations and feelings.


After each coaching session, you will receive assignments to do. For every session you will receive valuable information, concepts, techniques, routines, theories and facts to help guide you into the direction you want to go. This coaching is very personal and is designed to make you feel confident in Your life. 

After signing up for this coaching, you will receive a confirmation letter explaining in detail how you sign up for your schedule. This is weekly coaching, once a week, 5 times in total. You decide the day you wish to get coached as well as the time. 

Remember this coaching is about your life-journey, with the purpose of growing your self. See this great investment as the start of your new, desired life. 

Remember to

stay Conscious.

If you are interested in this coaching service, make sure that you sign up for a FREE SESSION! During this session, we will go through the coaching program and you will have time to get all of your questions answered. You will also get insight into what a coaching session is like if this is your first time!

Even if you do not wish to purchase the entire coaching program you will still learn a lot during this free session. Take the chance now!