Life Purpose discovery


Life Purpose Discovery is a self-discovery coaching package for you who wish to find your own unique purpose. If you want to discover more about your self and create a compelling vision for your life and learn how you can have an impact on society – this coaching is for you!


• You who feel unfulfilled in life and want something more

• You who want to learn more about yourself and your potential in life

• You who want to create something genuine and use it to have an impact

• You who want to discover a purpose and a deeper meaning in your life


The process for this coaching is the following: 

1. Self-Awareness

You will gain more understanding of yourself and what your deepest desires are in life. You will start to see yourself as more than your current routines and life, and find the motivation to reach out for something greater. You will also go through the process of knowing your values, strengths, and weaknesses and learn how to use it to create happiness for yourself. 

You will understand your true self and be able to see how you can improve your current situation through your values and new knowledge.

2. Understanding Life Purpose

In this stage, you will know what a life purpose actually is and why it is important to find it. When knowing more about yourself you can start to draw connections from your self to a potential purpose. You will understand the psychology of happiness and how you can really find it for yourself no matter the outside circumstances.

You will be left with an understanding of what a life purpose is and how you can use it to maximize the happiness for both yourself and other people. You will also know what a life purpose consists of and how you can separate your purpose from other things in life – and ultimately combine.

3. Discovering Your Purpose

Here is where you reach the core of this coaching program – actually finding your own purpose. By going through different thought experiments and many different exercises, you will start to draw connections from what you have discovered about yourself and what a life purpose is. Through your strengths, values and higher self you will find a deeper meaning in your life which you can use to impact the world.

You will be left with a purpose and a sparking motivation for you to reach it in greater heights.

4. Set In Stone

This part is a wrap-up of the process where you will find a way to actually start manifesting your purpose into reality. You will construct a plan for how you are going to follow your purpose in your life and how you will make the transition from your old life to your new vision.

You will find great confidence to start the real journey, on your own.


After each coaching session, you will receive assignments to do. For every session you will receive valuable information, concepts, techniques, routines, theories and facts to help guide you into the direction you want to go. This coaching is very personal and is designed to make you feel confident in Your life. 

After signing up for this coaching, you will receive a confirmation letter explaining in details how you sign up for your schedule. This is weekly coaching, once a week, 5 times in total. You decide the day you wish to get coached as well as the time. 

Remember this coaching is about your life-journey, with the purpose of growing your self. See this great investment as a start of your new, desired life. 

And as always,

stay Conscious.

If you are interested in this service or would like to know more about it, make sure you book a free coaching session where we go through the details! You do not sign up for anything yet. Simply e-mail us your: Name, age, and desired (potential) service.

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