Fear battle

3. Separation From Fear

2. Discovering Fear

1. Understanding Fear


Fear Battle is the ultimate coaching package to make you conquer your fear. If you wish to discover your hidden fears and to learn exactly how to not make them affect you on your journey – this coaching is for you!


• You who want to discover your hidden obstacles in life

• You who wish to fulfill your life purpose without fear

• You who want to understand how fear really works and how you can use it to your advantage


The process for this coaching is the following: 

You will learn what fear actually is and why it is not as bad as you think. You will look at fear from different perspectives and put it under a microscope to rationalize it to the point where it does not affect you

You will be left with a deep understanding of what fear truly is for you and how it affects you on a conscious and subconscious level.

During the stage of discovering your fear, you will go deep into your subconscious mind exploring what really hinders you from your success. This part of the process is about exploring your past and to figure out the subconscious obstacles you are not aware of. It will also be a process of understanding fears you are already aware of and wish to rationalize and understand why they are there.

You will understand your fears, why they are there and how they affect you. By becoming aware you will already be on your way of separating them from your life.

The final stage is when you have created enough awareness of your fear to separate yourself from it. By naming it and rejecting through various techniques you will create enough separation for you to conquer it. You will do different exercises to battle your fears and be left with the confidence to move you forward in your life.

After the different stages, you will have created enough separation from your fears so that you can, with confidence, reach your goals and have a clear path. 


After each coaching session, you will receive assignments to do. For every session you will receive valuable information, concepts, techniques, routines, theories and facts to help guide you into the direction you want to go. This coaching is very personal and is designed to make you feel confident in Your life. 

After signing up for this coaching, you will receive a confirmation letter explaining in detail how you sign up for your schedule. This is weekly coaching, once a week, 5 times in total. You decide the day you wish to get coached as well as the time. 

Remember this coaching is about your life-journey, with the purpose of growing your self. See this great investment as the start of your new, desired life. 

And as always,

stay Conscious.

If you are interested in this service or would like to know more about it, make sure you book a free coaching session where we go through the details! You do not sign up for anything yet. Simply e-mail us your: Name, age, and desired (potential) service.

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