a structured guide and summary of how to reach your full potential

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The Manual is a complete guide on how to reach your full potential in life. By going through the 5 most important concepts of success: Life Purpose, Fear, Subconscious mind, Strategy, and Motivation, you will learn how you become your greatest version and achieve whatever it is that you want in life.

The Manual shows you, through different exercises, concepts, and proven facts how to develop your own psychology to the point where you gain confidence of how to reach a desired outcome. By creating an understanding of certain principles and universal laws, and by using effective methods to grow your mind, you will be left with a deep sense of purpose and awareness most people never discover within their lifetime. 

What you will learn and gain

self-awareness and a clear, MOTIVATIVING purpose

By gaining awareness of who you truly are you will get to know your call in life. If you feel as if you do not yet know what it might entail, do not worry. The Manual will give you a clear guide toward finding your calling in life. This is a long-term process where you will be given the right tools and exercises to get started. Once you do find your purpose by getting to know yourself and your values better, it will change your life both for yourself and others.
Knowing yourself is an art to master and in this book, you will know exactly why and how it works. If you think you know yourself now, wait until you start becoming more conscious of the You who are hidden deep inside. This Self is rarely expressed but it deserves to be shown. Once you do embody it more all of your actions will be authentic without fear of judgment.

Who is it for?

You who want to find your purpose in life


Do you feel lost? Confused? Not knowing what to do in life? 

Are you a high school or college student? About the enter the workforce? 

Do you feel unmotivated and do not know why you wake up in the morning? Do you wish to find your passion or have already found it and want to develop it further?


Do you want to turn passion and hobby into profit? Do you want to start your own business or a fulfilling job?

If you resonate with these questions, The Manual is a book for you! This book is the perfect guide to a fulfilling life. It is highly personal and will make you match with your true sense of being and desires. It will teach you how to make desires practical and turn your inner world into your outer.


"Exercise 4: Summarising of Self.


Remember: these are not exercises you do just once and then expect to know yourself. You should to these multiple times to be fully sure of your lists because this will be the base of your purpose. This will also be a life-long commitment to yourself to always be aware of where your values and strengths lie and how they are applicable in your life. There needs to be 100% responsibility on your part, like the concept stated, to make this work. This is not something you do because it is a homework assignment, this is about the meaning of your own life. Treat it with respect and be focused on being aware of yourself and your actions.


Once you have your lists, write them down on paper or somewhere you can always see them, and look at them every single day. Think about them, contemplate them, understand them. What do they mean to you? Why do they mean what they do? How can you use them? The reason you should do this is that it gets put into practicality in your life. Your mind starts to draw connections from your self-image. The positive things you are aware of regarding yourself start to shape into your every-day-reality. This is how you become self-aware. Another thing you can do is to meditate at the same time as you think of your values and strengths. When we are in a relaxed state our brain can process information easier and it can be directly programmed into the subconscious."

–page 20, How Do You Discover Your Life Purpose? – Summarising of Self, The Manual