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your guide to inner peace and unconditional happiness

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In this book lies the key to happiness. 

Happiness is not a thought. It is not an achievement. It is not an external factor. 

What it actually is has been a questions human beings constantly have been pondering on and tried to explain. There is a grand illusion however when it comes to happiness which has to do with how one chooses to find it. 


In a world of on-stop change it is very difficult to find a constant line of peace and tranquility on which we can lean back on. In this day and age with our societal advantages we experience a great sense of comfortability which has left the human  mind very vulnerable, in constant search of instant gratifications. This causes less short-term pain but unfortunately a longer sense of suffering...

What You Will Learn and Gain


Learn about your own mind, how it works and what it actually wants on a scientific level.

By you knowing how your mind works you will save yourself time and effort with meaningless pursuits

and instead go straight to the core of well-being, 

both psychologically and physiologically.

You will learn about how

the brain

works when it comes

 to happiness and also how to focus on certain

practices to alter neurotransmitters in your 

brain for your maximum sense of

well-being, all done in a conscious and

healthy way. You will gain a deep 

understanding about both yourself and other

people's chase of happiness and realise

tricks to save yourself from long-term suffering.

Who Is It For?

You who suffer from negative beliefs and destructive thoughts
If you feel like you have emotional baggage keeping you from moving forward in life, this book is perfect for you. Whatever it is that you feel is blocking you, either consciously or unconsciously, that thing is possible to get rid of through the right set of routines and understanding. That's what this book will help you with, by letting you know how to get rid of those beliefs
The negative beliefs we hold in ourselves start a fire of destructive, conscious thoughts that hinders us from taking the action we truly want. Even if you are aware of these thoughts they control your life and this is what has to change. Instead of your thoughts controlling you, become a force of nature and act through your higher self, and attract the right set of thoughts. This is a painful act but once you become aware of what pain actually is and the purpose of it, like this book, will teach you, life will become a sheer joy where negativity is viewed in a different way. Pain becomes a friend and paradigms begin to change.


"What are we living for? What is the Truth of reality? Why do we not live the way we want? Why

are we not happy? Why can we lose our happiness even if we are happy in the moment?

These are questions all of us are trying to find an answer for. They are questions so deep that we do

not even pay attention to the meaning of the words.


Going through life in a societal structure is not

as easy as we might think. On a surface level, we are living in the best age of humanity. We have

everything we want around us. We have access to any information we want. We can make ourselves

happy instantly by turning on our favorite TV-show, by doing our favorite hobby, by calling a

friend on the other side of the earth in 5 seconds and many other things. Compared to humanity 50

years ago, we have now evolved to superhumans. We have used the ability of our mind to create a

never-stop-growing society with the purpose of in the end – nurturing us. We have created

something that is bigger than ourselves, something that we admire. The creator has started to admire

the creation more than him or herself. We have not however used this ability of ours to look inwards

and try to understand how we can master our own psychology, to create emotional mastery,

unconditional happiness, and to actually understand the Truth of reality.

During the last 45 years, suicide rates have increased by 60% worldwide (according to The World

Health Organisation, 2018). We have come so far in our technological development that we have

forgotten one important thing, the most important: the human mind. Society has created the perfect

structure to make us think that it serves us. We have everything we want do we not? We can find

”happiness” in a flash. Unfortunately, with a simple study of human psychology, we know that the

greatest happiness is never produced from instant gratification. For example, receiving a like on

your Facebook-post triggers a pleasurable feeling in your brain. This feeling is something you

constantly want more of, and since you want more of it, your mind develops a habit to constantly

seek for this gratification. It becomes a part of your egoic self to make the instant gratification a part

of your ”value”. Without this gratification, your value is not fulfilled. This can be converted into

many examples this book will later explore, but the main point is that society has given us the

wrong idea of what we should strive for to feel happy."

–page 4, The curse of life, The Inner Game
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