Who is Daniel Legraf ?

• Life Coach
• Author
• Public speaker
• Judo player and coach/trainer
• Variety of knowledge with work- and business experience
Daniel has a lot of experience with public speaking and has a burning passion for persuasion and rhetoric. To truly deliver a message one has to know how to connect with the listener and this is an ability Daniel has learned to master. He has public speaking experience both in Sweden and South Korea, meeting audiences from different ages, cultural backgrounds and different purposes. 
The medium of writing is the best way to collect thoughts, concepts and personal philosophies. Daniel's books are in the self-help segment and contain a great depth into the practicality of positive psychology. The books touch different subjects and are adaptable to any type of reader, with the purpose to help anyone wanting to improve their life. Combining philosophy with science and to help the reader to turn theory into practice is his specialty in writing.
Apart from his interest in psychology and philosophy Daniel also has a deep passion for Judo. He is a second-degree black belt with over 10 years of international practice, competition, and coaching. One of the major reasons he started with mental coaching was because of his own personal self-reflection regarding his martial art and sport. 
He took his own mental coaching into the world of life-coaching where he quickly recognized patterns in people who had self-doubt and fears. The only way to overcome personal barriers is by seeing the bigger picture and to believe in the magic which lies beyond these obstacles. Before winning, one needs the potential to win in the mind first. This is where everything starts.